Creasing, Scoring, Embossing

Schober develops and manufactures rotary scoring, creasing and embossing tools for the application of product specific profiles in materials such as carton, filter-materials, nonwovens and fuel cells. Plenty years of experience show: “creasing and embossing is a matter of trust”. A creasing or an embossing in the wrong place diminishes the optical appearance and the technical function of high value products. Count on Schober tools and modules for high precision creasing, when manufacturing:

– room air and environmental filters
– automotive and hemotology filters
– coffee filters
– archive folders
– fuel cells
– (aseptic) liquid cartons
– packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products
– packaging for cigarettes, frozen food, groceries and cleaning products, …

In addition to high precision creasing, the rotary process can be used in a cost-effective way to produce high quality cold and hot foil embossing at high production speeds.

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