RFID Tag Inserter

Schober offers an economic solution for the production of RFID labels. The RFID Tag Inserter separates self-adhesive pre-die cut labels from their carrier web, places a transponder and covers the sanwich again with the “taken-off” self-adhesive label.  A RFID test unit to check the readabilty of the individual transponders is mounted in front of  the rewinder. The readers are designed to check frequencies used for AM, EAS, HF, UHF (EPC GEN 2,…) transponders. These type of RFID labels are used for automatic product identification, inventory record, keeping of pallets, bulks and products, as well as for document tracking and logistic management. The latest RFID development is the STP (Smart Tag und Ticket Processor), especially suitable for contactless readable tickets for public transportation, access tickets as well as for anti-theft tags and prevention of counterfeiting. At airports such tickets can be used for baggage identification.

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