Tools & Modules

Schober has produced tools for the integration into rotatory processing units and assembly units as a complete solution now for over 50 years. Due to our decades of experience in international business, the team at Schober can offer you several solutions.


If there are no solution available, or you are asking us for new products or procedures, our Engineers will develop a solution for you.


Several years ago the engineers of Schober recognized that the combination between various tool materials can lead to run time extension in your machine. All our Schober products are produced under the highest quality, and work over several decades. Our goal is to develop high quality and strong products for our customers.


Especially in a highly competitive market, it´s important to know somebody you can rely on. That’s the only way projects can be successfully done and gain competitive advantage.


That is why you should choose the experienced consultation of Schober. Send us your product patterns, product samples, technical drawings or sketches with a description of your technical requirement.


We are pleased to answer any question you might have.

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