Inmould Label Cutting

RSM-IML – reel fed converting machines for conventionally printed materials

The standard rotary die cutting machine for inmould labels and the entry-level model (MX) are equipped in their basic configuration with a magazine delivery system (M-Stack). A star wheel (S-Stack) or V-Stack (stacking with robot) delivery system are available as option or for an upgrade later on. Additional equipment either included in the standard specifications or to be added on at a later stage is:

– Fine adjustable spreading station for 2 or 3 or more repeats across, offering a reliable product stacking for offset product orientations
– Antistatic device
– Gap Control System (GCS) integrated into the die cutting module

The machines are available in a working width of 410, 520, 550, 670, 740, 850 and 1,000 mm (special sizes on request).

The M-Stack delivery system is used for short runs, the S-Stack for long runs and the V-Stack for very large products which cannot be handled with the M- or S-Stack delivery system.


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