Rotary punching tools, self-driven for edge and full surface punching as well as corner punching when used with format gears, security features, opening features and straw holes for various packaging. The punch waste is securely pushed into the hollow die cylinder and removed by a vacuum through a vacuum connection hub. Precise punching quality within tight tolerances can be assured for many different materials.


High end rotary cutting, scoring, embossing and perforating tools for liquid packaging, cigarette boxes, diapers, femcare products. These tools are manufactured with state of the art CNC technology from a variety of materials such as Super CR, HSS, Longlife and Tungsten Carbide. Waste removal technologies include needles, vacuum/blown air or waste matrix rewind, …


Ultrasonic sealing and welding tools including controlled gap monitoring and variable, zero clearance gap adjustment at increments of 0.001 mm.


Laser cutting and perforating systems.


Hologram hot sealing and hot foil embossing modules.


High precision modules with speeds of up to 1000 m/in and a TIR of just a view micron for the integration into converting systems. A proprietary bearing design significantly reduces heat build up in the bearings and prevents expansion due to excessive heat at high production speeds.


Machines to cut, punch, score, emboss and cut and place a variety of materials for products such as in-mould labels, liquid packaging, folding cartons, airline and transportation tickets, RFID labels, RFID cards, multi-layer precision labels, cotton pads and many more …

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