Rotary Sheet-fed Converting Machine SL106-SHEETLINE®

The SL106 is equipped with a high-speed belt stream feeder, a heavy duty die cutting station and a robot-automated stacking, counting & piling system.

Most of the features which have proven their efficiency in the Schober web-fed die cutting machine such as the pre-set & calibrated cutting pressure adjustment, high-precision bearing assemblies with housings for low temperature running, vibration-free design & micrometric die wear compensation adjustment (GCS) have been integrated in the die cutting station of the SL106.

In addition, the die cutting station is equipped with a vacuum controlled magnetic cylinder tool and a new/unique gripper sheet guiding system which ensures high-precision finishing of pre-printed sheets. The products are separated from the matrix immediately after the cutting process and redirected to the robot-automated stacking unit by a conveyor belt. Magnetic dies guarantee the shortest set-up time as well as the highest productivity even for short runs. The unique design of the die cutting station and its accessibility allows the possibility to integrate additional finishing tools at a later stage to generate creases (Folding Cartons), micro perforations (BML/TML) and injection holes (IML).

The robot-automated stacking system is capable of handling different types of products combined within the same printing image. These can be heavily nested and a combination of large and small products.

Product specific fast exchangeable pick-up plates collect products at synchronized speed and stack them non-stop into a twin piling cassette system.

The SL106 is designed for a sheet size of 106 x 78 cm and a foil thickness starting at 50μm. High functionality and availability, flexibility and accuracy are the characteristics of this high performance production machine.

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