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Hightech Solutions by Schober

Schober USA, who is partnered with a European company for more than 25 years, has been providing needling equipment for many market areas. Through this experienced collaboration, we can provide you with proven technology for cold or hot needling applications. VentPerf systems are available as in-line, off-line modules and systems for all your needling applications.
Cut & Place'
Cut & Place
“Cut and Place“ is the transfer and placement of pre-cut materials or products onto a continuously moving web in fixed or variable distances within registration. This technology is applied for the production of top-quality products for the telecommunication, automobile and pharmaceutical industry.
Creasing, Scoring, Embossing'
Creasing, Scoring, Embossing
Schober develops and manufactures rotary scoring, creasing and embossing tools for the application of product specific profiles in materials such as carton, filter-materials, nonwovens and fuel cells. Plenty years of experience show: “creasing and embossing is a matter of trust”. A creasing or an embossing in the wrong place diminishes the optical appearance and the technical function of high value products.
Punching & Stamping'
Punching & Stamping
The punching technology has been developed and refined through Schober´s long standing experience in the printing, packaging, hygiene and medical field spanning over several decades. Based on the material, punching applications with web width of up to 2000 mm and speeds of up to 600 m/min can be performed clean and burr-free. Waste removal is achieved without any problems even for tight punching patterns with hole sizes as small as 0.5 mm.
Cutting & Perforating'
Cutting & Perforating
Schober develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of tools, modules or complete processing lines for the manufacturing of longitudinal, cross, contour and half cuts as well as perforations by proven technologies, e.g.
Sealing & Embossing'
Sealing & Embossing
Amongst other things, this technology is used for the application of magnetic tape onto electronically readable tickets, however, it is also used to embellish packaging with foil and holograms to protect against counterfeiting and product piracy.
Collating, Folding'
Collating, Folding
Take advantage of Schober´s experience and know-how right from the start. Schober has been very successful in developing, manufacturing and supplying equippment to the business forms and label industry for more than 50 years.
Schober supplies in combination with its converting machines proven technology for the application of cold glue and hot glue. Different glue application systems are available such as application rollers, touch-less applicatorheads or jet-matrix systems - controlled by a programmable microprocessor.
Dispensing, Applying'
Dispensing, Applying
High-precision and easy integration are outstanding features of our modules for the production of security and product certification labels. If your application includes holograms to inhibit counterfeiting, electromagnetic security labels (EAS) or RFID-Labels, Schober offers high performance at economical cost. Our modules can be used to apply hotfoil for the production of value added products as well. Furthermore, they can be equipped with a foil saving device to reduce hotfoil waste.
Ultrasonic Welding'
Ultrasonic Welding
Is especially suitable for the pre-welding of composite or non-woven materials. Schober´s highly developed Ultrasonic Technology with speeds up to 300 m/min offers effective cost reduction and energy conservation. With Ultrasonics the application of adhesive to bond web material and the energy consuming calender process to seal films, foils and non-wovens are obsolete.
Laser Technology'
Laser Technology
Laser is a technology where the tool that cuts the pattern is not subject to physical wear. In other words a custom designed cutting tool is not required. The cut/perforated contour is software controlled. The coordinates are calculated accurately to eliminate distortion (on the fly). The new Schober Laser system cuts, perforates and scores film, foil and paper with computer controlled precision at speeds up to 350 m/min. High-tech efficiency, in-line or off-line.

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Cutting and creasing with maximum efficiency and quality thanks to vector technology

As a manufacturer of digitally printed folding boxes and in-mould labels, you are on your way into the future with the new RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT. This machine features a hybrid drive technology for format-independent processing of digitally printed packaging materials & foils.

The innovative drive technology combines continuous and vector rotary die cutting technology in re-registration mode to print , thus a wide range of formats can be processed with a single set of tool or magnetic cylinders.

With a fully modular design, the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT is designed to convert webs up to a width of 770 mm to suit image sizes or printing formats of 740 x 1120 mm. The combination of a standard configuration of the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT includes a vacuum conveyor with multiple vacuum chambers for a controlled product delivery, a high speed, programmable robot-automated stacking and counting system (“Spider”) with an extreme acceleration, velocity and precision at a continuous web speed of up to 50 m/min is available as an option.

This robot-automated delivery is designed in such a way that different products can be stacked with the same print image regardless of whether it is a combination of very long /large and small products with different dimensions, or a continuous, format-independent nesting of the printed images.

A strong advantage of this format-independent nesting is massive saving of media waste and massive increase in productivity based on imposition efficiency. The optional use of combined cutting and creasing plates helps to reduce tool costs. The proven cutting gap control system (GCS), to compensate for cutting wear, increases the tool life – another advantage of the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT.

Preset recipes – directly on the machine or via a workflow connection – enable very short set-up times. An automatic search for the starting position of the processing tools (auto register) reduces the waste rate to a minimum. A 100% inspection system can optionally be integrated to discharge waste.

Due to its special features, the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT is the answer to increasing market requirements and future challenges of digital printing.


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